Meet the Sustainabilists

Sustainabilist's interdisciplinary team brings together some of the brightest not only in the discipline of process improvement and data science but in other complimentary fields, including human resources and marketing.

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Jason Trager, PH.D.
Managing Partner

Dr. Jason Trager has 9 years of professional and research experience in energy efficiency, solar, wind, tidal, biofuels, and electric grid applications. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley where his dissertation focused on applying mass production and QA/QC methods to energy efficiency in buildings. Jason leads Sustainabilist's quality improvement work and specializes in helping companies solve technical sustainability problems with a focus on process improvement and quality applications. He has extensive experience in cross-functional engineering, business, and R&D roles.  

Kit Kohler
Director, Marketing & PRoject MAnagement

Kit's career has run the gamut, from directing commercials for big corporate clients to strategic branding and marketing work for small start-ups. He thrives on solving communication challenges, especially those that require interpreting complicated technical information for a non-technical audience. Experienced at marketing both B2B and B2C, he enjoys working with both creative and technical minds to develop a final product that reflects the best of both. His areas of expertise include creative direction, copywriting and editing, project management, brand and marketing strategy, and video production.

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Christopher Johnson
Lead Developer

Christopher is a full-stack developer with more than 4 years of experience architecting and executing on complex multi-component applications. Competent in Javascript and Python, he spent many years working as a sysadmin and frequently brings these skills to bear on projects involving complex automation in Linux. Christopher has participated in Sustainabilist projects involving IoT device customization, large system architecture, machine learning and complex database schemas, often with quick turnarounds. Before teaching himself how to code, Christopher worked as a plaintiff side attorney focusing on class action labor law.

Allegra B. Saggese
Junior analyst

Allegra is a senior at UC Berkeley finishing dual degrees in Environmental Economics and Rhetoric. As a policy enthusiast and budding economist, Allegra’s interests lie in the renewable energy and sustainable agriculture industries. On campus she works with a student-run environmental consulting firm, building her passion for efficient and sustainable businesses while working with a team and digging into a variety of sustainable industries. She is currently conducting research on land use and agriculture education in Berkeley, where many of her skills in data collection, cleaning, and project management continue to grow. Although a Delaware native, Allegra enjoys biking and running in many of the East Bay’s beautiful parks.