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The days of manufacturing science tools being withheld from tradespeople are coming to an end. The SunKaizen Process Improvement Platform is a revolution in process improvement that brings the tools of Lean Six Sigma together with the ease of use of a software platform, all supported by coaching from experts in process improvement. No blackbelts required.

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The SunKaizen Beta is currently full, but we’re still looking for organizations who are interested in being a part of Solar and Energy Efficiency’s Total Quality Revolution. Keep appraised of any openings to our Beta or product announcements by filling out the form below.

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From Our Clients

Sustainabilist has helped us turn solar inspection data we’ve been collecting for years into valuable, up-sellable products for our customers. Their insights have been instrumental to our product roadmap, and have revealed numerous, significantly time-saving opportunities to implement improved processes.
— Rudy Saporite | IBTS

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What is Process Improvement?

Put simply, Process Improvement is the science of using feedback loops to produce continuously better results.