Improve your Installation Quality

Unnecessary truck rolls cost you money and tie up your workforce. Whether your truck is responding to a call for maintenance, rework, or a customer complaint, most of these instances can be reduced or eliminated through the application of quality science.

The rooftops you work on can be operated much the same way as a factory that produces automobiles--with precision and a lack of variability. At Sustainabilist, we have spent our careers studying manufacturing science and applying it to work outside the factory.

Quality for Solar Contractors Webinar Series

Over the last several years, Sustainabilist has engaged with key stakeholders across the industry, from EPCs to financiers, to get to the bottom of the problems that plague solar quality. Using this data, we’ve designed a breakthrough curriculum that we’re excited to offer to solar contractors of all sizes.


What you'll learn

Once available only in very costly immersive training sessions, this 12-part webinar series will span a year, with one hour trainings aimed specifically at giving you and your management team discrete sessions and tools you can use the minute the webinar is finished. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • A review of the most common quality problems afflicting the solar installations today, and how to mitigate them
  • Calculating the cost of poor quality
  • Conducting proper root cause analysis
  • Creating a work culture where your employees are happy, productive, and committed to quality
  • Monitoring tools and using monitoring for maintenance

The webinars and tools included in each session will be available for later review for those wanting to review the information or those unable to attend. Sessions can be purchased individually, but discounts will be offered for those who want to do the entire training. Additionally, those completing the entire training will get special access to our quality experts for the whole year that they are subscribed.

We will be announcing pricing and the schedule this fall. Subscribe below to stay up to date on this groundbreaking training.

Customized Help for your Solar Contracting Business

If you want help improving the quality of your solar installations immediately, we offer consulting services for solar contractors.

Service Offerings

  • Identify the biggest problems in your solar installation practices, and assist in implementing processes to fix them
  • Troubleshoot particularly troubling process problems
  • Help designing a training plan tailored to the subjects you need the most help with
  • In person workshops to train your whole staff on quality best practices