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Energy Services Institute for Building Technology and Safety

Our work for IBTS started out simple enough: visualize existing data. But when built a dashboard and dug into the numbers, we noticed a huge opportunity for process improvement in solar installations. 

Sustainabilist provided a framework that allowed data to be investigated in a systematic fashion, enabling IBTS to craft a plan to produce an education program for solar contractors and a quality improvement program for the installation process itself. Our initial analysis indicates that there is a savings potential of 7 cents per watt to be garnered from reducing the return rate of contractors to the site to repair non-compliant installations. The total labor cost of solar installations is 45 cents per watt, so this represents a potential 16% reduction in costs.

Sustainabilist has helped us turn solar inspection data we’ve been collecting for years into valuable, up-sellable products for our customers. Their insights have been instrumental to our product roadmap, and have revealed numerous, significantly time-saving opportunities to implement improved processes.
— Rudy Saporite | Program Manager

Lime Energy

Lime Energy knows efficiency; it's their business. So when we were asked to take a look at their sales data, we knew they'd be thrilled with what we developed. Using a machine learning model, we were able to develop an automated process to streamline their sales efforts, enabling Lime to close more deals for more money.



The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has engaged Sustainabilist to help streamline registrations, administration, and required applicant reporting with a more robust data back-end.  Our work will enable data analysis that will help the solar industry better understand where, why, and when people choose to pursue further credentialing, enabling increased quality across the whole industry.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Sustainabilist is helping the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) pursue innovative strategies for implementing continuous improvement into their market design. Our work includes researching and advising on quality installation and quality maintenance programs for HVAC installation in residential buildings.



KW Engineering

For KW Engineering, a firm specializing in energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades for large commercial buildings, we tackled the wasted expense of costly engineering time focused on diagnosing building power usage anomalies. Our team developed fault detection algorithms for commercial buildings based on whole building power use to aid in achieving persistent savings.