Solar Needs Improvement

Financiers are losing money because of the poor quality of solar installations. Several studies, including the Solar Bankability Project and the NREL PV Quality Assessment Work Group have identified serious, endemic issues with solar installation quality. By conservative estimates, over 30% of solar installations require some level of rework, generating a massive cost footed by financiers and their investors. As experts in the science of quality, we believe this is inexcusable. As a financier writing the checks for these systems, you probably do, too.


Quality Assurance Offers a Solution

The data consistently shows that improving Quality Assurance practices reduces the failure rates that plague solar. Failures occur most often at the beginning and end of a PV system's lifecycle, and while financiers may think the front end is their only concern, systems with documentation proving they were built using good QA practices are likely to remain higher value throughout their life.


Based on NREL Data, a 10% decrease in O&M costs could have an NPV of $191,918 over a lifetime of 20 years and IRR of 5%.


Solar Quality for Financiers Workshop

Our daylong workshop for financiers on solar quality assurance, process improvement, and certifications will give your organization the knowledge to turn decent returns into game-changing returns for both you and your investors.


What you'll learn

In our workshop, your team will be learn skills crucial for making better investment decisions in solar.

  • Quality Assurance basics and history
  • What is process improvement and where did it come from?
  • An example solar quality checklist based on our extensive research and knowledge of manufacturing science
  • An overview of applicable certifications, including what they include and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Examples of what's gone right in solar installation quality--and how to replicate it

In addition to the course, attendees will receive coursework and tools to help put what is taught in the class to work immediately.

Solar Certification Consulting

Making sure your solar project reaches the benchmarks necessary to gain certification is difficult and time consuming. Our team of engineers and manufacturing scientists are available to to provide the support necessary to get your project certified, increasing your asset's value.

Service Offerings

  • Collaborate with your team to identify which certification is best suited to your project's scale and goals
  • Design a plan to accomplish certification acceptance
  • Complete engineering due diligence along the way to make all technical benchmarks are met or exceeded