As an HVAC instructor or trainer, you want to see your students succeed. You mentor them as much as you can in the course of a class, but once they leave it’s hard for you to know how they’re doing applying everything they’ve learned in the field. SunKaizen changes that. 

What’s SunKaizen?

The SunKaizen Process Improvement Platform is a revolution in process improvement that brings the tools of Lean, Six-Sigma, Kaizen, and other process improvement methodologies together with the ease of use of a well-designed software platform. It offers contractors a tool to document their processes, identify and quantify the costs of errors, and discover solutions that will help them save time and money.

Tools include:

  • Process List designed to help contractors quickly come up with a list of all the processes they execute on a day to day basis

  • Process Mapper empowering contractors to create maps of all their process flows

  • Error-finding Tool enabling users to brainstorm errors specific to a certain process

  • Cost of Poor Quality (CPQ) Calculator that calculates how much errors are costing

  • Prioritization Charts showing which issues are costing the most money

  • A Friendly Interface guided by a digital coach that makes the process of improvement easy and manageable


SunKaizen for Instructors

For instructors, we’re creating an interface that enables you to track your students work, from process listing and mapping to error brainstorming and CPQ calculating. Have your students zero in on processes relevant to your class, or go big with a class focused on process improvement itself. With your instructor account, you’ll be able to see trends in the class and focus your coursework on troubleshooting problem areas.

Limited offer: Free accounts for you and your students when you become a training partner

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At Sustainabilist, we know that as quality improves, industries become more profitable. HVAC Instructors and Trainers are a vital piece of the pathway to quality, as you train professionals to be even better at their jobs. Because you serve that vital role, we want to offer you and your students a free license while they’re enrolled in your class.*

If your students or their company go on to a paid account after the class ends, you’ll receive a commission, and they’ll have the option of continuing to let you see their work, keeping your relationship with your students fresh and top of mind while enabling you to tailor trainings to trending issues you see at your student’s organizations.

We’d love to work with you to create a better HVAC industry.

* Some limitations to free license offer apply. Contact Sustainabilist to find out more.