Announcing Sustainabilist: A Sustainability Consulting Firm

Running a company is hard work, and operating one that is driven by an ethos can be even harder. A huge variety of skills are required, and usually, only some of those resources are available within an existing organization. While the standard response to the problem is to ask a team to stretch their skill sets to meet the business needs, seeking help from qualified professionals on a strategic basis is usually a far superior choice. The realization of this truth led me to create Sustainabilist.

The proven financial benefits of ecologically sustainable business practices are becoming more and more compelling, and an increasing number of talented scientists, creatives, and business people are waking up to a deep desire to contribute their specific skillset to the cause. As I see it, Sustainabilist is a bridge between companies looking to access talent and experienced professionals passionate about contributing to a sustainable cause.

A Cohesive and Growing Team of Sustainability Professionals

Today, Sustainabilist is a network of freelancers who have skills and experience appropriate to sustainability technology projects. With each project, our team builds rapport and cohesion without the cost of extensive overhead required by a traditional brick-and-mortar consultancy. Our past projects together include marketing efforts for power metering companies, technology development for third-world sensor applications, methods of prediction for building energy efficiency, machine learning for rapid fault detection, and even the creation of an innovative power sensor startup. We aim to build on those experiences with new teammates who come to the table with a wide and exciting range of backgrounds. Our latest additions include architects, energy analysts, MBAs, and the former Chief Sustainability Officer of a Fortune 500 Company. Combined, we have the skills and expertise to confidently tackle any problem that our clients may face.

The Climate Change Opportunity

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation, and every challenge comes with an opportunity of commensurate proportion. The size of the business opportunity in sustainability is astounding. Just looking at the energy sector alone, the numbers are gigantic:

●     Global Energy Efficiency Investment in buildings will increase to over $125bn by 2020 [1]

●     Solar is expected to be a $3.7 Trillion (Yes, that’s a T), market by 2025.[2] This is out of a total of $8 Trillion that will be spent on clean energy, including wind power.

●     The Smart Grid market is expected to grow at an 18% CAGR to $120 Billion by 2020.[3]

●     In addition to these figures, there are huge opportunities to build companies that expand energy access to the 1.2 billion people worldwide living in homes that have yet to be electrified.[4]

An Optimistic Future

Our work so far is just the tip of the iceberg. We are excited by the opportunities to grow in order to make a real difference for the clients we serve and the world we live in. In the short term, expect to hear a lot more from us as we publish more articles on relevant subject matter and hold curated Slack chats on different aspects of cleantech and sustainability.

If you’re interested in working with us as a client or think you have skills to fill out our bench, feel free to contact us at