Meet the Sustainabilists

Here's a selection of Sustainabilists we'd love for you to know about.



Jason Trager, PH.D.
Managing Partner

Jason is passionate about building technically sound businesses that reduce the rate of anthropogenic climate change. He earned a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, where he studied the application of mass production methodologies for energy efficiency in buildings and included a designated emphasis in energy science and technology in addition to a certificate in Engineering and Business for Sustainability. Jason's areas of experience include business development, energy data science, product life cycle assessment, scientific coding, fundraising, team management, and bicycle repair. He is committed to living by sustainable values and is always willing to have a discussion about how to improve the world. 

Maria Berta, SPHR, LEED Green Assoc.
DIRECTOR, Tripler organizational culture

Maria has vast experience building firm structure and culture from the ground up.  She co-founded and built two energy efficient, green engineering startups into thriving, robust firms, and developed systems that led to significant industry awards including being named “Top AEC Firm to Work For” by Building Design + Construction Magazine and “Top 50 Engineering Companies” by Inc. Magazine. She also pioneered the use of the JUST Label, ILFI's reporting and transparency program. Maria brings great depth of knowledge in innovative recruiting tactics, sustainability practices and corporate operations to bear for Sustainabilists' clients.


Kit Kohler
Director, Marketing & Creative

Kit's career has run the gamut, from directing commercials for big corporate clients to strategic branding and marketing work for small start-ups. He thrives on solving communication challenges, especially those that require interpreting complicated technical information for a non-technical audience. Experienced at marketing both B2B and B2C, he enjoys working with both creative and technical minds to develop a final product that reflects the best of both. His areas of expertise include creative direction, copywriting and editing, pitch coaching, and brand and marketing strategy, and video production.


STRATEGY & practices resources

Dani Bicknell
Program Specialist

Dani believes in creating sustainable solutions for real-world problems. She has a decade of experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors in education, sustainable development, technology and intersecting those industries in interesting and innovative ways. She obtained her Masters in International Development and Education from the University of Pennsylvania where she focused on financial literacy, social innovation and gender equality. Most recently, she was a program specialist at UNESCO, where she worked with diverse entities to improve their sustainable impact in an economically and socially beneficial manner. She has extensive domestic and international professional experience, working all over the world, including, Canada, Latin America and Europe. Dani has experience in project design and management, scaling businesses, monitoring and evaluation, leadership training and grant writing. 


Leo Trudel is an experienced financial analyst with expertise in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and technology sectors. He has worked on a wide variety of buy-side and sell-side transactions including the largest small-wind deal on record, which was valued at more than $200 million. His skill sets include financial modeling, policy research, business plans, due diligence, and marketing. He is also quite adept at bicycle repair and once had to rebuild a wheel from scratch after breaking it in the mountains of France. Leo has been involved in the renewable energy and sustainable food movements since childhood and is passionate about finding synergies between industry, people, and conservation.

Technical resources


Energy & Sustainability Data Analyst

Rebecca has an extensive research, data analysis and project management background in socially responsible investing, energy systems, waste management, climate emissions, food systems, and transportation programs. She has worked in diverse sectors, from the University of California system to international non-profits to renewable energy industry. Having worked with as varied stakeholders as UC officers, corporate vendors, and farmers in Nicaragua, she has an expanding understanding of behavioral influence and change. Rebecca loves collaborating, strategizing and solving problems, deeply motivated by the power of individual impact and the vision of living in balance with the ecological world. 

Daniel Wilson, PH.d.
Hardware & Sensor Engineer

Daniel is a gritty get-it-done engineer with penchant for design, hardware, manufacturing, and team leadership who is especially interested in hardware and software tools for reducing impacts of the energy sector. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and is a former Fulbright Fellow and National Science Foundation Fellow. His past experience includes developing sensors and web applications for measuring energy use in context ranging from skyscrapers in Chicago to rural huts in Ethiopia. Daniel has also worked in the aerospace industry designing landing gear for Boeing and Airbus, and he has served as Chief Technology Officer of Persistent Efficiency, an internet of things company focused on simpler monitoring of electricity usage. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory focusing on scaling up several hardware and software products for monitoring technology adoption.

Skot Croshere
Electrical Engineer

Skot graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and his focus is on solving interesting problems with embedded system design. Skot has worked on a wide range of professional and research projects from distribution powerline monitoring for the California Energy Commission to mesh networks for underground coal mine safety.

Jeremy Coyle
Data Scientist

Jeremy is a statistician with significant experience in time series data modeling for energy applications. Jeremy has experience with large data sets and has previously worked on applications ranging from medical research to whole building modeling. Jeremy has previously presented at the Joint Statistical Meeting about improving short-term forecasts of building power demand, work he did while at UC Berkeley.


Engel Ching
Architect, Data Scientist & MBA

Engel is a licensed architect with extensive experience in designing large healthcare and commercial buildings.  His quest for sustainable design as an architect led him to data science and his recent concept project uses predictive analytics for building efficiency, which can potentially save San Francisco $1B in energy costs: visit  He also developed financial models and dashboards for optimizing hospital sizing based on patient demand and operating margins."

Marketing & Creative resources

Laura Sallette
Marketing Specialist

Laura is an experienced marketing specialist who combines market research, data analytics, and digital marketing strategies to create successful marketing campaigns and quality deliverables for clients across various industries. She has a strong understanding of energy markets and regulations and received a Masters from NYU, where she concentrated on the integration of new technologies within utilities and energy policy. Her area of focus also includes building energy efficiency, sustainable development, renewable energy, demand management, and policy analysis. Laura is passionate about new technologies and their role in promoting energy accessibility and sustainability. 

Jake Wakefield

Jake is a Colorado creative and design contractor with over 10 years of professional experience. Cofounder of Iron-Point Inc, a Denver based marketing automation company established in 2011, he is one of Colorado's many active outdoor enthusiasts, conservationists and gardeners. 

Rachel Blank

Rachel is a full-stack designer who can take any idea from conception to execution. She has an extensive background in branding and print design as well as web design & development, UX, UI, and native mobile application design. Rachel has worked with companies ranging in size from 3 person startups to international enterprise organizations.